Application Software

To ensure full functionality of our applications, software is custom developed for every project, combined with usage of special purpose packages and modules, all developed by DAX or exclusively for DAX.
Our software applications are typically running on Windows or Linux platforms but also on various microcontrollers, featuring a standardized graphical user interface. Expert features and service modules are separated from general user interface and password-protected. Service menu is included in every application to provide easy access to all functions, modules and tests.
Full traceability and statistic analysis options are provided for mass produced items, combined with Real-Time productivity visualization. Typically, a contactless ink jet printer or laser is used for marking.

EPSON RC+ Simulator

In early development stages of machines and automated lines that contain robots, it is essential to get a proper cycle time assessment. Exact robot manipulation times are obtained by simulating and visualizing all robot motion. RC+ Simulator features all EPSON robot models. In addition to simple and quick coordinate data input, 3D models of components, grippers, fixtures or entire machines can be loaded in the simulation to provide complete functional overview and foresee manipulation problems in demanding projects.
Simulation and visualization of robot motion is often an important part of quality project preparation and early development. We cooperate closely with our machine building customers where simulations provided from our side can distinguish a winning proposal in competitive project selection processes.