Measurement Laboratory

We provide precise measurement services using the following high quality certified instruments traceable to national standards.



Fluke 5100B Calibrator


Multifunction calibrator

Generates VDC, VAC (20mV-1100V, 0,1 µV resolution),

IAC and IDC 0-2A,

R 0-10MOhm.

Accuracy +/- 50 ppm



Fluke 8846A Precision Multimeter


6.5 digit Precision Multimeter


 Basic V dc accuracy of up to 0.0024 %

 100 μA to 10 A current range, with up to 100 pA resolution

 Wide range from 10 Ω to 1 GΩ with up to 10 μΩ resolution

 2 x 4 ohms 4-wire measurement technique

 measures capacitance and temperature

 Trendplot™ paperless recorder mode, statistics, histogram

 CAT I 1000 V, CAT II 600 V




HP 34401A Multimeter


6 1/2 Digit DMM
35ppm basic DC V accuracy
100nv resolution
1000 rdgs/sec reading rate
512 sample memory
RS232C & HP IB Interfaces



HP 33120A Arbitrary Waveform Generator


15 MHz sine and square wave outputs

12-bit, 40 MSa/s, 16,000-point deep arbitrary waveforms

Sine, triangle, square, ramp, noise and more

Direct Digital Synthesis for excellent stability

High-Stability Time Base and Phase lock Loop (PLL)





Instek APS 9501 AC Power Source


AC Power Source

 Wide Range Variable Output Voltage/Frequency

 Stable and Low-Distortion Output Waveforms

 Software Calibration to Ensure Accuracy

 Panel-Lock Function to Prevent Accidental Wrong-Operation

 Over Current Protection and Over Temperature Protection




HP 5316A Universal Counter


Frequency, Period, Ratio, and totalize to 100MHz

User Reciprocal technique for full low-frequency resolution

100ns Time Interval, 10 ps T.I. Averaging

HPIB capability





HP 3456A Multimeter


6.5 Digit Display

Up to 330 readings per second

100 nanovolt resolution

Transfer standard performance

Fast AC

100 micro-ohm to 1.0 G-Ohm measurement capability

Offset compensated ohms (OC Ω)




HP 214B Pulse Generator


100 V, 2 A maximum output into 50 Ohms

10 Hz to 10 MHz rep rate

(4 MHz max in 30 V to 100 V output range)

Constant duty cycle mode for device protection



tektronix tds3012

Tektronix TDS 3012 Scope


Advanced waveform capture, display,

and measurement capabilities

Number of Channels: 2
Bandwidth: 100MHz
Sample Rate on Each Channel: 1.25 GS/s
Display Monitor: Color LCD




Tektronix 468 Scope


100 MHz analog oscilloscope

10 MHz single shot digital storage

Cursors for time & voltage measurements

Dual time base with B-delay




Tektronix AM 503 Current Probe Amplifier

Tektronix A6303 Current Probe


100 A Ac and Dc Current Measurements

Peak Pulse Measurement to 500 A

Ac or Dc Coupling

25 x 21 mm (1 x 0.83 in) Jaw Opening




Tektronix  576 Curve Tracer


Measures DC parameters for 2 & 3 terminal semiconductors

up to 220 Watts with readout of scale factors.



Metrel MI 2170 Multiservicer


High-voltage AC dielectric test with test voltages 2500V and 1000V with selected leakage current trip out,

DC insulation resistance measurement,

PE continuity test,

10A earth bond test,

discharge time measurement,

leakage current measurement and functional test.





Fluke 179 Multimeter


True-rms ac voltage and current for accurate measurements on non linear loads

Large digit display with analog bargraph

Display backlight for work in dark areas

Temperature and capacitance

Records minimum and maximum values to aid in troubleshooting

Free your hands with the magnetic hanger included in this combo kit

Durability backed up with a limited lifetime warranty

Includes thermocouple probe, integral holster and test leads




Fluke 189 Data Logging Multimeter


50,000 counts display

0.025% basic DC accuracy

True RMS AC + DC measurements

100 kHz AC bandwidth for voltage and current

Ergonomic high-impact overmolded case

Dual display with bargraph and two-level backlight

Min/max/average with real time clock

250 µs Fast Min-Max

Frequency, capacitance, duty cycle & pulse width meas.

Resistance, conductance, continuity and diode meas.

Temperature and dBV/dBm with selectable reference




fluke 8060a

Fluke 8060AA Multimeter


True RMS AC, Useable to 100 kHz
Frequency Measurements to 200 kHz
Basic DC Accuracy +0.04%
4 1/2 Digit Display
Conductance and Audible-Visual Continuity Functions




Fluke 8020B Multimeter


AC Current 2 mA - 2000 A   

AC Voltage Range 200 mV - 750 V   

DC Current 2 mA - 2000 mA   

DC Voltage Range 200 mV - 1000 V   

Number of Digits 3.5   

Resistance Range 200 ohm - 20 Mohm




fluke 8024b

Fluke 8024B Multimeter


VDC 200 mV, 2V, 20V, 200V, 1000V

VAC 200 mV, 2V, 20V, 200V, 750V

CMRR: >100 dB at dc, 50Hz and 60Hz

ADC 2mA, 20mA, 200mA, 2000mA

AAC(True-RMS) 2mA, 20mA, 200mA, 2000mA

RESISTANCE 200Ω, 2kΩ, 20kΩ, 200kΩ, 2000kΩ, 20MΩ

CONDUCTANCE 200 nS Equivalent 5MΩ to 10,000 MΩ

3.5 digit LCD (1,999 count)




Instek GPM 8212 Power Meter


Voltage 5 V – 640 V

Max. Input Voltage 1000V (peak), 700V (rms)

Current 120 mA – 20.48 A

Max. Input Current 30A (peak), 20A (rms)

Accuracy (at 23°C+5°C) + 0.1% of reading + 0.1% of range

Watt 0.32 mW - 13.10 kW

Accuracy (at 23°C+5°C) + 0.2% of reading + 0.2% of range





Instek GOM-802 Miliohm Meter


Test Ranges: 30 mΩ, 300 mΩ, 3 Ω, 30 Ω, 300 Ω, 3 kΩ 30 kΩ, 300 kΩ and 3 MΩ 9ranges

Resolution: 1 µΩ

30000 Counts Display

High Accuracy 0.05%

Hi/Lo Comparator and Limit Percent Setting

Measurement of REL, Actual and % Value

Manual or Autoranging

Continuous or Triggered Measurement mode

Temperature Compensation and Measurement

Four-Terminal Measurement Technique






Instek GDM-8264 Digital Multimeter


50000 counts DMM

Multi-function ACV, DCV, ACA, DCA, R, C, Hz, Continuity Beeper, Diode

Test, Max/Min, REL, Hold, dBm, Compare

Dual Display Indicate ACV and Hz or DCV(ACV) and dBm

Manual or Autoranging

0.02% DCV Accuracy

ACV Measuring Frequency up to 100kHz

20A Current Range With High Energy Fuse Protection

Auto-Recall the setting Upon Power ON

AC True RMS or AC + DC True RMS




Instek GPT 715 HV Tester


AC, DC Withstanding Voltage Test

Insulation Resistance Test

100VA Test Capacity

Arc Detect and Continuity Check as Additional Features

Linear amplifier with feedback control to provide highly regulated power



Hameg HZ 530 EMC PRE-EMI Set


Frequency Range: 0.1 MHz to 1000 MHz (lower frequency limit depends on probe type)

Output Impedance: 50W

Output Connector: BNC

Input Capacitance: 2pF (high impedance probe)

Max. Safe Input Level: +10dBm

1dB-Compression Point: -2dBm

DC-input Voltage: 20V max




LEF DG50 Teslameter


Ranges: 300µT, 300mT, 30mT, 300mT, 3T, 30T/

 3G,30G, 300G, 3Kg, 30Kg, 300Kg

Resolution: 1 mG (0,1 µ T) to 100 G (10 mT)

Measure: tesla, gauss, amper/meter (switch)




HP 4275A Multi-Frequency LCR Meter


Test frequencies:

        10 kHz to 10 MHz

Test signal level:

        1 mV to 1 Vrms (4275A)


0.1% basic accuracy

Measure L/C - D/Q/ESR/G; IZI - e, R-X/B/L/C; DLCRZ, D%

High Resolution - 5.5 digit; D=0.00001


    001 - 0 to ± 35V Internal DC Bias

    002 - 0 to ± 99.9V Internal DC Bias

    004 - Frequency steps in 1,3,5 Sequence




Lutron FG-5000A Force Gauge

5000 g, g/oz/Newton.

Tension & Compression, Peak hold, Zero, Positive/ Reverse display, 5 digits LCD.

Full line accessories, optional test stand.



Lutron DT-2268 Photo/Contact Tachometer

Photo tach. : 5 to 100,000 RPM

Contact tach. : 0.5 to 19,999 RPM.

Surface speed : m/min, ft/min.

Large LCD display, 20 mm digit height.

Laser light beam for Photo tachometer.



Digitron 2083P Pressure Meter

Pressure ranges from 2mbar to 7bar (2" H2O to 101.5PSI)

Scales in mbar, bar, PSI, inH20, inHg, mmH 2 0, mH 2 0, mm/cm/mHg, Pa and kPa

Accurate performance: 0.2% of reading

Automatic zero calibration for added accuracy


Mitutoyo ID-C 543 Indicator

Resolution: 0.01mm, 0.001mm, .0005"/0.01mm, .0001”/0.001mm or .00005”/0.001mm

Display: LCD

Length standard: ABSOLUTE electrostatic capacitance type linear encoder

Max. Response speed: Unlimited




Mitutoyo CD-15 500 Caliper


Resolution: 0.01mm or .0005"/0.01mm

Repeatability: 0.01mm / .0005”

Display: LCD

Length standard: ABSOLUTE electrostatic capacitance type

linear encoder

Max. response speed: Unlimited




Kern F1 Sets of Weights

Sets of reference weights of accuracy class F1


Set of HP Test Probes


Set of Tektronix Test Probes


Set of HP Power Supplies






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