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Fi - residual switches or ground fault switches are used in many applications. Reliable FI switch operation is crucial and most demanding quality standards are applied. DAX designed completely new approach, which provides magnetic calibration, HV testing, all measurements according to IEC and more, ink jet marking and sophisticated, 100% data logging and traceability. Line consists of:


·         Epson ES551ES assembly robot with SRC320 controller, 48 digital inputs, 48 outputs

·         Magnet-Physik MPS 2125 magnetizer with tandem coil

·         DAX FIPC2 measurement system for FI switches, 3 units

·         DAX HV5 high voltage test system for FI switches

·         Pneumatics and sensorics, FESTO

·         DAX universal FI test fixtures, 4 units

·         DAX belt feeding system and robot cage

·         Domino A100 ink jet contactless printer

·         DAX FI-ROBO software: 25.000 Delphi program lines

·         DAX FIPC2 software: 5000 Pascal program lines

·         Spel and VB guide software for robot and  IO

·         Control computer with LCD TFT, running under Win NT4.0

·         CAN or addressable RS485 communication link between testers and main computer




Technical characteristics


·       Cycle time 10 to 30 seconds, depends on number of tests and FI type

·       Robot cage dimensions: 1600x1300x1700

·       Belt feeding system, three lines, IN, Out Good, Out Bad, length 2500mm

·       Measurement system cabinet, 19 inch rack, 550x600x1700mm

·       Traceability 100% with FI serial number referenced to log file





Assembly and test line for coffee machines. Tests are based on Bosch DBUS2 communication protocol for home appliances


bshvk1s  bshvk3s  bshvk4s




DAX BSH-Tassimo


Assembly and test line for Tassimo home appliance


bshtas1s  bshtas2s



DAX FIPC2 measurement system /part of FI-ROBO or independent unit


DAX FIPC2 is a PC based universal instrument intended for tests on different types of FI switches. Basically, it consists of accurate current generators, voltage, time, conductivity and sequence circuits. User interface provides easy test protocol editing and simple menu system.




Technical characteristics:


·         Current ranges: 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 and 10000mA

·         Current shapes: sinus, + and – half wave, 5 to 135 degrees truncated sine wave, + and -, +/- symmetrical 5 to 135 degrees truncated sine wave

·         Current frequencies 16.66, 50, 60 and 200Hz

·         DC offset –10 to 10mA

·         Time measurements, Toff, 0 to 65000 micro seconds, 10 micro seconds resolution

·         Conductivity test for N, L1, L2, L3 lines

·         Test button check procedure with 115 and 230V

·         Switch on sequence check (N has to switch before L1, L2, L3)

·         Free turnoff test: turn of at fault current and pressed lever

·         Choice of test path, N, L1, L2, L3

·         12 bit  resolution

·         User can build any sequence and number of test and store them as test data bank. Tolerance levels and values are easily edited.




·         Automatic production line for small DC motors. Based on Bosch palette system TS2.

·         Magnetizing of assembled motors in axial coil, opening up to 70x170mm

·         Magnetic field density of up to 1.3T

·         Magnetizer with 1800Ws or 5000Ws energy

·         Burn in station for three motors

·         Mechanical and electrical tests as in DAX MDC

·         High voltage test up to 5kV AC and 6kV DC

·         Contactless ink jet marking with Imaje S8 or Domino A100 printer

·         Traceability 100% with motor serial number referenced to log file generated automatically. Test results are written to control computer hard disk under serial number, same serial number is printed on motor

·         Full automatic operation of complete line.

·         Cycle time 12 seconds

·         Universal palette nests for two motor sizes


s-msdca     s-msdcb








Automated cable set binding and domestic appliances electronics testing. It consists of three stations, which are the final part of cable and electronics assembly line. For the first two stations, EPSON EZ robots are used for cable set binding to achieve the shortest possible cycle time. Functional tests of electronics and cables are performed at the last station, utilizing automatic manipulation and measurements.


gorenje-ipc-s  NGPSP1T uporabniski vmesnik


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